Earthdance by Stephen Katz

2003 recording by cellist Stephen Katz

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1. Invocation 9:26 $0.99
2. Glad Science 9:53 $0.99
3. Cloistered Cowboy 5:53 $0.99
4. In Medias Res 10:30 $0.99
5. Umbrella Dance 6:27 $0.99
6. To the Bonfire 8:30 $0.99
7. One to One 8:33 $0.99
8. Countdown 9:19 $0.99
9. Auld Lang Syne 3:46 $0.99
10. Afterglow 7:39 $0.99

Album Notes

Bowing the cello and strumming it like an upright guitar, Stephen Katz has created an 80-minute uplifting tapestry of sound, and with the help of live electronics, has transformed himself into a one-man cello orchestra.

All of the music on EARTHDANCE was improvised in response to dancers who attended movement jams at Earthdance Workshop and Retreat Center in Plainfield, Massachusetts. The first four tracks were recorded at the November 17, 2002 Monthly Movement Improv Jam in the Dance Barn. Tracks five to ten were recorded on the evening of December 31, 2002 at the New Years Jam in the Umbrella Dance Studio.

Recording Notes:
"The layered effect of cello, voice and hand percussion is achieved with the help of a Lexicon JamMan, which I control with foot pedals. The JamMan allows me to record short phrases while playing and then add or play along with them. The dancers and I can hear the results of this layering through speakers. On each occasion I also made a live, stereo recording of the complete improvisation.

Later I transferred the live recordings to a Pro Tools digital editing system where I made minimal changes to the order and cross-faded a few tracks. The only additions to the mix occur in track four, which I layered with surf sounds and used in the score for In Medias Res, a multi-media performance by Beth Fairservis." ).

Stephen Katz

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