Harmony Handbook Lessons

Harmony Handbook Lessons


Four Part Series (20mins)
PART 1: Arpeggios/Applying Chords
PART 2: Double & Triple Stops
PART 3: Harmonizing a Melody
PART 4: Chord Pairs

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CHRISTIAN HOWES PRESENTS A FOUR PART TUTORIAL SERIES: If you’re a violinist, violist, or cellist interested in creating your own music, these videos are designed to enrich your understanding of harmony on the fingerboard and give you a clearer sense of the choices available to you as a composer or improviser.

"The best scenario for approaching music is one in which a player has developed a harmonic ear and theoretical knowledge base. One supplements the other. For example, if you hear a chord which your ear can’t intuitively recognize, then you use your theoretical knowledge to make sense of how to treat it. Conversely, when you’re confronted with a theoretical situation that doesn’t make sense, trust your ear. The exercises in the following chapters are designed to develop both."

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