Flying Pizzicato (CD)

Flying Pizzicato (CD)

NEW 2011 recording by cellist Stephen Katz!
Label: Cellocelli Music

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1. Exodus 7:44
2. Seed Story 7:59
3. Eight Days of Eve 6:64
4. And So Below 4:42
5. Decebede 2:40 Sheet Music
6. Bitterroot Suite 12:50 Sheet Music
7. Cellocommotion 4:41 Sheet Music
8. Mini Thanks 1:26 Sheet Music

Album Notes

Flying Pizzicato [pit-si-kah-toh] is my way of strumming the cello, one string at a time. I started playing this way as a teenager by adapting to the cello what I love about strumming the guitar. I would "break" chords so that high and low strings carved out distinct voices within the beat, as if played by different drums of a drum set. That's why I like to say that when I'm strumming the cello with flying pizzicato, it's as if I were playing four long, skinny, tunable drums.

Recording Notes: Exodus, Bitterroot Prelude, Cellocommotion, and Mini Thanks were recorded without overdubs a testament to the contrapuntal potential of the flying pizzicato approach! The multi-cello sections of Seed Story, Eight Days Of Eve, And So Below, and Bitterroot Suite are studio renditions of pieces I perform live with the aid of looping hardware. All but two tracks on this CD are debut recordings: a live performance of Bitterroot Prelude, and an earlier studio version of Eight Days of Eve appear on Looking Up (2002).

Stephen Katz